Physio Connection provides holistic hands-on health care to people of all ages and abilities.
It's about more than just effective pain relief and injury management; my focus is to identify and change the underlying reasons for your condition.

               Philip Patton

                        APA Sports Physiotherapist
                        Master of Sports Physiotherapy
                        Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
                        Buteyko Practitioner


Phil’s approach is based on the philosophy that every individual is unique; their whole body is interconnected and restoration of normal movement is key to health. Phil uses a combination of the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) (Diane Lee and Dr LJ Lee); Visceral and Neural Manipulation (Barral Institute); Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly Health Institute); and movement based therapy (Pilates) in the management of his patients. In 2008 Phil also trained as a Buteyko Practitioner for the management of breathing disorders (snoring / asthma / sleep apnoea).

Since graduating from Sydney University Physiotherapy in 2002 and his subsequent Master of Sports Physiotherapy degree in 2012, Phil has had a vast amount of experience working with people of all ages and walks of life. This experience has included working with the Hockeyroos, ACT Women’s Hockey Team – Canberra Strikers, AIS (Swimming, Soccer and Volleyball), Canberra Cavalry Baseball and ACT Academy of Sport (Baseball, Cycling, Netball and Hockey).