These methods help me consider the body as a whole, and seek a new explanation for symptoms that extend beyond where you may be feeling them.

For example, chronic back pain can sometimes be related to intestinal issues, so treatment requires more than a simple manipulation of back muscles.

This holistic approach has allowed me to treat clients from all walks of life, with issues ranging from unexplained physical pain to diagnosed chronic pain such as fibromyalgia.

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Integrative Physiotherapy

- Physiotherapy with a difference -

Not all physical pain is the result of injury, and often requires a more holistic approach to treatment.

Drawing on the principles of physiotherapy, combined with a variety of internationally renowned physical therapy methods, I offer a unique form of physiotherapy that explores the interconnectedness of the body’s systems to identify the true cause of pain in order to treat it.

My work combines:

  • Integrated Systems Model (Diane Lee)

  • Sports Physiotherapy

  • Visceral and Neural Manipulation (Barral Institute)

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly Health Institute)

  • Movement based therapy (Pilates) 


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